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Hello....My Name is John Roper and I live in West London, England with my wife Tessa; our two dogs, Annie and Spice; and our four cats, Paddy, Tabby, Josie and Tim; plus the "kittens" Rupert,Peter and Oliver.  

I am a Director and Software Engineer of a new company called iOra Ltd.. is my new preferred email address. 

I regularly play Golf (although I'd like to play more!) and Football, and I am also tracing my Family Tree . I have set this homepage up mainly to publish my genealogy findings, in the hope that someone will find a link to their research. To date I have not found such a link, but I have had a lot of help. In fact as a direct result of this website I was able to take my Dowsett line back a further 100 years! I am indebited to John Buckey for his help. 

Check out my Family News page to find out what's been going on in my extended family over the last few years.